Future control panel updates

We will be starting a series of control panel extensions soon, they are outlined below ( in no particular order ). If you have any requests or ideas for either functionality that you would find useful, or clarification/betterment of existing facilities let us know!

  • Ability to add your own specials, both one-offs and automated "if does not book by, discount by this"

  • Survey feedback reports. We have been automatically surveying customers after they depart for the last few months, we hope to provide as much of that feedback as we can directly within your control panel done

  • Custom statement report, using a date range of your choice. useful for filling in HMRC forms done

  • Contract viewing and tools for renewal & auto-renewal opt-out done

  • Interface for viewing all past correspondence ( letters & emails ) between the agency and you online ( sometimes emails and letters are hard to find! )

  • Future discount programmes that we are working on - eg fractional occupancy for large properties to encourage off-peak bookings, where the owner is willing of course.
Future control panel updates


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