Five Must See & Do's in Cornwall



Visit Truro & see the magnificent cathedral

Its intriguing and eclectic offer of art galleries, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, a cinema, the Hall for Cornwall, Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum make it a year round destination for those who live, work and visit Truro. A city steeped in history and awe-inspiring architecture, there is plenty to see and do. Whether you are keen to shop, dine with friends, visit the gardens, an event or simply meander through the Georgian streets we are sure you will enjoy your visit to Truro.


Walk the Southwest Coast Path (or some of it anyway!)

Come to the beach anywhere in the South West of England, turn left or right and you’ll be on the South West Coast Path and on the edge of an amazing experience. Where else can you walk along 630 miles of such superb coastline which makes up the longest National Trail in the UK? The heritage, wildlife, geology and scenery along the way are truly inspirational and every day walking it brings stunning new experiences.


Take a surfing lesson

It's believed the act of riding waves with a wooden board originated in Western Polynesia over three thousand years ago. The first surfers were fishermen who discovered riding waves as an efficient method of getting to shore with their catch . Eventually catching waves developed from being part of everyday work to being a pastime.

Surfing in Cornwall is fun and a good thing to try at least once. Experienced surfers head to Cornwall as it's one of the best places in the UK to surf. Learning to surf in Cornwall is great too, with the beautiful sandy beaches and many surf schools on offer like those at Bude and Perranporth.


Visit Falmouth Maritime Museum


Eat a Cornish pasty at the most southerly point


Five Must See & Do's in Cornwall


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