Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before Booking
    • Does Cornish Cottages cover the whole of Cornwall?
      • Yes, we have properties from the most Southerly Point all the way up to the South side of the Tamar Valley.
    • How much is a deposit?
      • The deposit will be dependent on the overall price of your chosen holiday. It is approximately one third of the price plus the booking fee (see below) and cancellation cover if required.
      • Rental Cost Deposit Rental Cost Deposit
        Up to £200 £75 £1401-£1800 £450
        £201-£400 £125 £1801-£2000 £600
        £401-£600 £180 £2001-£2500 £750
        £601-£800 £250 £2501-£3500 £1000
        £801-£1000 £300 £3501-£4500 £1250
        £1001-£1400 £350 £4501-£5750 £1500
        £5751+ £2000
    • When do I pay the deposit?
      • The deposit will be required at the time of booking. If your booking is for a future year and is made before September of the current year then we will ask for a Holding Fee instead, in this case please see the questions further down regarding Provisional Bookings.
    • Is my deposit refundable?
      • Only if you have paid for the Cornish Cottages Cancellation Plan at the time of booking and only if the reason for cancelling is covered, please see the full Terms & Conditions for details.
    • What is the booking fee?
      • The fee is on a sliding scale, based on the rental price of your chosen week(s):
      • Rental Cost Booking Fee Rental Cost Booking Fee
        Up to £200 £20 £801-£1000 £37
        £201-£400 £25 £1001-£1400 £42
        £401-£600 £30 £1401-£1800 £45
        £601-£800 £33 £1801+ £50
    • What payment types do you accept?
      • We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, Debit Card, BACS transfer and cheque.
    • Do you accept American Express?
      • We do not accept American Express. We do accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.
    • What happens if I cancel my booking?
      • We strongly recommend booking with the Cornish Cottages Cancellation Plan, without this you will forfeit any deposit paid and if it's less than 8 weeks to the holiday start date then you will forfeit the full amount paid. For further details please see our full Terms & Conditions.
    • Is your website secure?
      • Yes, the entire Cornish Cottages website is secure. As you can see in your browser bar the web address begins 'https' and should show the padlock symbol. Our online payments are processed by 'Sage Pay' which is a world renowned secure payment system. If you are uncomfortable with making a payment online then you are welcome to pay by BACS transfer, cheque or by calling us with your card details.
    • Can I bring my pets on holiday?
      • The majority of our properties do accept a dog and in some cases more than one. These properties have a symbol in the right hand corner that will show how many dogs are accepted. Where accepted, dogs are charged per dog per week, the fee will shown in a properties description and be added during the booking process which you will be able to review before paying. Any other type of pet would have to be discussed with us before booking. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
    • Why do I have to pay to bring my dog on holiday?
      • The fee is to cover any extra cleaning on your departure. We find that the fee is reasonable in comparison with a kennels.
    • Am I allowed to take my dog to the beach?
      • Some beaches have a seasonal dog ban in place from Easter day through to 1st October. There are also a lot of beaches which allow dogs all year.
    • Do you have properties suitable for disabled guests?
      • Yes, we do have properties suitable for limited mobility guests, it is best that you contact us to discuss your requirements before booking.
    • Can I book a property for next year?
      • Yes, you can make a Provisional Booking by paying a £75 Holding Fee per booking (more for larger properties which will be advised at the time of booking). In September/October of the current year we will write to you, confirming the booking and requesting the deposit, against which we will offset the Holding Fee.  If you do not wish to continue with the booking, or do not pay the remainder of the deposit by the requested date then the Holding Fee will be forfeit.
    • What is a Provisional Holding Fee?
      • If your booking is for a future year and is made before September of the current year then we will ask for a small Holding Fee to hold your chosen dates. If for any reason your chosen property is not available or there is a significant change (price or facilities etc.) then you will be entitled to a refund or to transfer the booking to another property. If you do not wish to continue with the booking, or do not pay the remainder of the deposit by the requested date then the Holding Fee will be forfeit.
    • I'm not able to stay for a full week, can I book a Short Break?
      • Some properties will accept short breaks however these are usually only considered within two weeks of the holiday start date. The rates for a short break are as follows: 3 Nights 65%, 4 Nights 75% and 5 Nights 85% of the property rental. Please contact us and we will be able to advise you.
    • I live in a different country, can I still book with you?
      • Yes, we accept bookings from overseas and although we may not speak the same language we will still help you to the best of our abilities. Any payments from overseas customers for example BACS transfer, must be sent in GBP and the customer must elect to pay all charges.
    • I've found a property that I like the look of but I have some questions.
      • We're here to help you choose the right property. Give us a call, send us an email or use the on-line chat facility and ask away! If we can't answer your questions immediately we'll find the answer and let you know.
    • How do I know if towels are provided at a property?
      • On the webpage of your chosen property, there are five buttons at the bottom of the page. The first one is 'Optional Extras', under this you can see if towels are provided. Alternatively, give us a call, send us an email or use the on-line chat facility and we can check for you. Where towels are provided, it is one hand towel and one bath towel per person. Please bring your own beach and dog towels where appropriate.
    • Can you explain the difference between separate bathroom, shower room and en suite?
      • A bathroom has at least a bath. A shower room has at least a shower cubicle. In some cases a bathroom may have a bath and a separate shower cubicle or a shower over the bath. The same is true of the en suites. A separate bath or shower room means it isn't accessed via a bedroom whereas as an en suite is. A separate WC is a standalone room with only a toilet. The vast majority of bath and shower rooms include a toilet, if however this is an important factor then please check the full property description.
    • I'd like to make a booking as a surprise for a relative/loved one.
      • Just let us know that this is what you'd like to do and we can help to facilitate this.
    • I'm allergic to dogs, will I be okay to book a property that doesn't accept dogs?
      • Even if a property does not accept dogs we cannot guarantee that a dog has not been in the property before. If in doubt please contact us for further advice.
    • Do properties provide cots and highchairs?
      • You can check whether a property provides these by clicking the 'Optional Extras' button at the bottom of a properties page. You must add these extras during the booking process, if you request any extras after making the booking it will be subject to availability and at the property owners' discretion. Please note: where a cot is provided, it does not include bedding for the cot and the cot may be a travel type cot.
  • After Booking
    • When does the balance of a booking become due?
      • The balance is due 8 weeks before your arrival date. The exact due by date will be displayed on your Deposit Confirmation.
    • When will I receive directions to the property?
      • We send you the property directions and key instructions when you settle the balance of the booking. This will be included in your Balance Confirmation email or by letter if you do not have an email address.
    • Where do I get the keys to the property?
      • The vast majority of our properties use key safes. These are small lockable boxes that open with a PIN number. We send you the PIN number or alternative instructions when you settle the balance.
    • What time is arrival and departure?
      • Arrival is from 4PM on the arrival date shown on your confirmation. Departure is by 10AM on the day of departure shown on your confirmation.
    • Can I arrange for my supermarket shopping to be delivered at the property?
      • Yes, you can use the property details provided to arrange this however, if you are arranging for it to be delivered on your arrival day then this should be after 4PM. You will need to be there to receive it and the cleaner may not be willing to allow a delivery driver to access the property whilst they are cleaning it prior to your arrival.
    • Will I receive contact details in case I need help during my stay?
      • Yes, we will provide a contact telephone number and where possible an email address for the property owner or their representative, such as a caretaker. They are your first point of contact should you need to speak to someone. If for any reason they are unable to help you then you may contact Cornish Cottages for assistance. We also offer a 24hr emergency contact service, just call our normal number and you'll be able to speak with someone who can get you help.
    • Do I need to bring my own towels?
      • Some of our properties provide towels and some do not. Please check this before booking a property if you require them. Otherwise you will need to bring your own. If you are unsure please contact us and we will be able to advise whether your chosen property provides them.
    • Can I add additional people to my booking?
      • Yes, you can add more people to your booking as long as you don't exceed the advertised maximum occupancy. Also, we must be notified of any additional guests to ensure that number dependant items such as towels are correct and in case of an emergency situation.
    • Can I move my booking to another property?
      • Sorry, but our properties are all owned by different individuals. Once you have made a booking and paid a deposit, that is your commitment to take the holiday that you have booked. This means the only way to move to a different property is to cancel your booking and forfeit the deposit.
    • I booked a property that doesn't accept dogs but I now have a dog, can it be added to the booking?
      • Sorry, where a property does not accept dogs we cannot make any exceptions.
    • Can I add a dog to the booking I have already placed?
      • Yes, provided the property accepts dogs and by adding the dog you will not exceed the advertised maximum number accepted, you will also have to pay the associated fee. If the property does not accept dogs then we are sorry but we cannot make any exceptions.
  • Cornish Cottages Cancellation Plan
    • What is the Cancellation Plan?
      • In brief, it is a small additional cost that will enable you to claim back the majority of your money should you need to cancel but only if the reason is covered by the plan.
    • What does the plan cover?
      • Please see the terms & conditions of the Cancellation Plan for full details. In brief it covers: Sickness or illness of a party member (excluding pre-existing conditions). Death of a party member or immediate relative. Redundancy. Jury Service.
    • Does the plan cover pets?
      • Sorry, the plan does not cover pets or any condition linked to pets.
    • How do I make a claim under the plan?
      • We make the process as straightforward as possible as we understand that cancelling your holiday is a last resort and usually involves distress. Any cancellation needs to be notified to us immediately and then confirmed in writing within seven days. We will then ask for any appropriate supporting documentation. If this is provided and a valid reason for cancellation is confirmed then we will process a refund in line with our terms & conditions. Please note that we will not consider a claim if we have not been notified when it becomes apparent that you will need to cancel.
    • How much does the plan cost?
      • The price of the plan is dependent on the price of the holiday being booked. On most bookings it's between £20 and £50. Please see the terms & conditions for the full breakdown of pricing.
    • I paid for the Cancellation Plan but now I don't need it, can I have the fee refunded?
      • Sorry, but once the plan has been paid for, you are covered by it and potentially already had the benefit of being covered by it for some time.