Dog Information

At Cornish Cottages we understand that your dog is part of your family, so why would you leave them behind? The good news of course, is that Cornwall and dogs are made for each other. There are beaches to explore, country walks with creatures to sniff out and miles and miles of cliff top walks with the best sea views! If ever there was a holiday for bringing the dog, this is it.

Dog sizes & breeds

Where dogs are accepted you can see how many are welcome, usually it's either 1 or 2. In some cases the property will accept 1 large dog or 2 small dogs, where this is applicable it will be detailed in the property description. As a general guide line a small dog is anything up to the average size of a Springer Spaniel and any dog larger than this would be classed as large. When booking it is a requirement to declare the number and breed of dogs who will be attending. If in doubt please call to discuss.

Rules whilst on holiday

Whilst many properties welcome dogs, there does have to be some rules to ensure the property can be well presented to future guests and to ensure neighbours are not disturbed unnecessarily.

Dogs, where permitted, are to be:

  • fully house trained
  • kept under control
  • exercised off the premises
  • not allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture
  • and must not be left unattended in the property at any time

Your responsibilities and liabilities

Damage to property caused by dogs is generally very rare but we understand that dogs can sometimes be upset by new surroundings and if left unattended they may chew or scratch and create noise, this is not only distressing for the dog but also for neighbours and the owner of the property. Should any damage occur the owner may well expect this to be paid for.

Please view our full terms & conditions relating to dogs.


Dogs do love beaches! But you should be aware that some beaches operate a seasonal dog ban. Where applicable these are usually in place 7am - 7pm daily between Easter Day - 1st October. If this is important to you then please check to avoid disappointment. Otherwise the coastal path is of course still open to dogs so you can still go for a great walk and enjoy the scenery.

Dog relaxing on the beach