Help Stop the Block

We hope you enjoy coming to Cornwall and spending time by the sea, in the open countryside or up on the moorlands. Cornwall has a close relationship with it's environment and the sea in particular, so we don't like things ending up there that are better off in the bin.

Helford River

Cornish sewers can also be a little fragile and regrettably, we've seen a few issues recently, where items such as wet wipes have caused blockages. The properties in some rural areas have septic tanks which are particularly vulnerable.

We need the help of our visitors to prevent this from impacting your holidays - nobody wants backed up drains when you should be relaxing in the garden!

Our regional water supplier, South West Water, produced this info-graphic demonstrating some of the issues they face in an average year:

South West Water's 3Ps info-graphic

Love Your Loo

South West Water also produced this short video for their campaign, which highlights 'the 3Ps', applicable to any home in the UK.

Thank You

For your consideration & helping to keep this beautiful part of the country clean.

The Cornish Cottages Team

Help Stop the Block

Posted: 25/07/2019

Categories: General News