2022 Deposit Due Date Correction

Sorry, we made a mistake!

We accidentally sent out some deposit reminders today (23rd October) for 2022 bookings, incorrectly stating that the due date for 2022 deposits was on 30th October, when in fact were intending that date to be 5th November. Please ignore the 30th October date, it is 5th November, no action will be taken by us (eg cancellation) before that date. We're very sorry!

We are a bit later sending out the confirmations this year, and the due dates that we usually use were not going to be enough, however we forgot to update the system to extend the due dates on the affected bookings, so our automated reminder system sent out the reminder emails today, 7 days before the (incorrect) due date. We have updated all of the due dates now.

We're very sorry for the mixup, and any inconvenience or concern caused.

Kind regards,

The Cornish Cottages Team

2022 Deposit Due Date Correction

Posted: 23/10/2021

Categories: General News