Current capabilities that you may not be aware of

We have implemented a few new systems over the past year which you may not be aware of. If you are interested in these abilities please contact us.

  • We can automatically discount weeks if they do not book by a certain date. This is a rolling setup that takes either a single week or a range of weeks, and lead-days with corresponding discounts for each.  For example, "if not booked 3 weeks before arrival discount by 10%, if not booked 2 weeks before arrival discount by 15%, if not discounted 1 week before arrival discount by 20%". This system is fully automated.

  • If you have multiple properties on the same site, we can use our "complexes" system to group them and show them as alternatives incase their chosen week is not available at the property they are looking at. Complexes have their own web pages and can be searched for availability as a whole. We are looking at ways to show multiple property search results ( eg you have 2 properties that sleep 4 next to each other, we are working on ways to potentially have those show up when sleeps 6-8 are searched for. )

  • If your property has different options available to guests, they can now select from those options whilst booking, with those selections shown on your notifications as well as within your control panel. For example if beds can be configured as a double or a twin, or if there are options regarding bedding material ( allergies ), or perhaps you would like to offer some customisation ability for your welcome basket. These preferences take a question and "choose from these answers" format so many different kinds of options can be handled.
Current capabilities that you may not be aware of

Posted: 01/07/2016

Categories: Owner News