Are we Pet Friendly?

We haven’t gone into a lot of detail about the little touches for pet friendly properties. So here we are.

Additional money is paid to you for each dog that stays at your property each week. We would like you to think that the dog is also a guest, as for their owners they are part of the family. We are seeing an increase in number of guests wanting to bring their dog(s) on holiday with them.

 Adding  a little dog treat to your welcome pack, dog bowls for food and water and even dog bags (with a note to request that mess is picked up from the gardens with the bags provided). Details about dog walkers/sitters in the area, beach rules, house rules, vets and groomer information would be an appreciated touch.  Any other thoughts about welcome packs for pets, please let us know so we can update this information.

These little gestures may help the dog owners to look after your property well and feel that you appreciate their custom. Leave a visible, printed welcome note suggesting where the bowls are, and welcoming treats with a polite run down of terms, (dogs not permitted upstairs or on furniture).

 Also a good factor is to check that your garden is still secure as some dogs may enjoy escaping through gaps in the fence.

Are we Pet Friendly?

Are we Pet Friendly?

Posted: 01/11/2018

Categories: Owner News