COVID-19 Update 17th March

We are responding and adapting to circumstances as they develop and following the government’s announcement last night we have a new strategy.

Latest Response

We have decided that anyone who contacts us that has a booking between now and the 13th June (12 weeks) we will firstly try and reassure them that Cornwall is still open! However, as the government have said that you should not travel unless it is essential, we will allow guests to postpone their holiday and rebook for a later date. Presuming you have availability, and they do this for the same calendar year, you will keep the deposit and be paid the balance in the month in which the rebooked holiday starts. If the guest cannot rebook immediately, or needs to rebook for the following calendar year, then the original deposit will be withdrawn from you and paid across when the guest rebooks.
We are not offering guests any refunds and we are not offering anything for beyond the 13th June at this point. Normal Terms & Conditions still apply to holidays after this date presently.
I don’t expect this to be the case for every booking, we have so far only had a handful of bookings that want to delay. However that may change depending on the next government guidelines.

Looking Forward

While I appreciate this is not ideal, we must also realise that this has never happened before and we must adapt and respond as best we can. The strategy outlined above ensures at least that bookings are retained, while allowing the guest some flexibility.
To mitigate any bookings that have to move you may wish to consider opening up any ‘shoulder’ or out of season weeks that are currently blocked.
We are expecting daily government announcements, and this may well change our policy, particularly if the elderly and/or vulnerable are asked to self-isolate or if indeed we are all put on ‘lockdown’. However, I assure you we are continuing to do our best and have taken measures that ensure we can provide the level of service you expect from us.
Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time for everyone.

Peter Collins
Managing Director

COVID-19 Update 17th March

Posted: 17/03/2020

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