"Property Ready Early" Notifications

The new arrival time of 5pm has become an industry standard and most guests accept this, although some more begrudgingly than others.

We appreciate that some properties may well be ready prior to 5pm, whether that's because of their size or you have multiple cleaners or if the week before has been vacant. If so, guests will always appreciate being allowed early access, whenever this may be possible.

We have added a function to the owner and housekeeper's control panel that allows you to type what time it will be ready, add a small note (limited to 150 characters) if desired and then send. This will generate a text message to the guest to let them know that they can arrive at X time (and your note would be included too if applicable).

The function will only be available on a given booking from the day prior to arrival up until 5pm on their day of arrival. Also, it won't show if we don't have the guest's mobile number on file.

Here's a screen grab to show you where to find it:

Early Arrival Screen

And here's the text screen once you click 'notify':

Early Arrival Text

Fill it in and press send!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new function.

"Property Ready Early" Notifications

Posted: 12/08/2020

Categories: Owner News