Arrival & Departure Times by Text Message

Adjusting to the new arrival and departure times has been a challenge. We endeavour to be as clear as possible with our guests to ensure that owners and housekeepers are given the maximum amount of time that is reasonably possible.

Guests who have existing bookings will see the new times on their balance confirmation, the pre-arrival health survey where they acknowledge the new times and the pre-arrival information email which is sent 2 days prior to arrival.

However, there have been some reports that the above is not enough and some guests are still trying to arrive early. In response we have introduced an automated text messaging system. The guests will receive a text at 10am on their day of arrival, reminding them of the 5pm arrival time; unless they have already spoken with the 'property representative' (housekeeper/owner or whoever the point of contact is) to confirm an earlier arrival time.

The guests will also receive a text at 5pm the day prior to departure to remind them of the 9am departure time and to politely request that they strip the beds and empty the bins.

We hope this will help going forward and we will continue to monitor.

We are also introducing a way for you to optionally notify guests if an earlier entry time on the day of arrival will be possible, we'll cover that in more detail in a future post.

Arrival & Departure Times by Text Message

Posted: 05/08/2020

Categories: Owner News